Corporate events can vary dramatically from a small business meeting for a few people, to a large conference for hundreds of people. No matter what the scale of the event is, getting it right is vital for the person organising it as there are a lot of expectations from the higher management for these events to run smoothly. We have some furntiure ideas below that someone planning a corporate event may be interested in. The conference chair is a very popular item with people organising these types of events as well as the trestle table and linen to fit.


Another type of corporate event may be an interview for high calibre jobs. When interviewing these types of candidates, the impression you make on them is as important as the impression they make on you. You want your company to seem like a modern, attractive place to work and having the right products in place for the interview will help you give off that impression.

Interview - Set up

Corporate Event Planning

Corporate events are occasions that can be fraught with danger for the organisers of them.

With the top brass of the organisation and some very important clients attending, the pressure on the people who have been given the task of managing the event can be over whelming.

Not only is his or her reputation as an organiser at stake, but should something go seriously wrong, his or her standing as an employee of the company could be at risk.

This is why anyone who has been given the task of organising a corporate event must do everything in their power to eliminate the risk of any embarrassing mishaps.

There is an old saying “the devil is in the detail “and when organising an important corporate event, nothing could be more true.

Any one arranging an event on a grand scale, or even on a modest scale, without outside professional help, will be in danger of overlooking what may seem a minor detail at the time, but could have serious repercussions on the big day.

And this is why it is advisable to seek outside professional help from Yahire

Yahire have years of experience in hiring furniture for all manner of events, including corporate events.

We have a vast range of items that can be hired, and will guarantee any corporate event will run smoothly and trouble free.

Our large range of comfortable chairs includes such exotic sounding names as The Napoleon Ice Chair, and while it may not be suitable for an emperor, it certainly will make a CEO feel comfortable.

The Napoleon Ice Chair is just one of our range of comfortable chairs.

If the event is to be a social one that will included dancing in the evening, Yahire can supply dance floors for the occasion.

These floors are delivered in handy size sections that lock together

This method enables us to supply a dance floor that will fit most rooms.

A full blown social conference with dinner and dancing, or a conference event, we can supply the furniture required.

For the social event we can supply tables of all sizes, glasses, cutlery and table ware and linen and chairs with covers if required.

For a conference we can supply as many conference chairs that will be needed.

And for that very exclusive lunch for the highest board members and clients, the lunches that are held in private rooms at the top of the corporate headquarters, Yahire can supply very high quality furniture and table ware to impress even the most blasé executives.

It cannot be stressed enough of how important the success of a corporate event can be.

A successful event is not just an example of the event organiser’s management skills, but a reflection of the company holding the event. Corporate events are the public face of a company.

Its top executives are on parade, and the company’s top clients are there to be impressed.

An embarrassing mistake, no matter how small will be noticed by someone, and could reflect poorly on the corporation’s reputation.

That is why it is important to let Yahire supply everything needed to avoid any mishaps.