We have put together a range of popular furniutre items that are well suited to various types of events to make it easier for you to choose what you need. We have 4 event types for you to look at; weddings, parties, corporate, and outdoor.

Yahire provides furniture to hundreds of weddings every year. We know that your wedding is the biggest day of your life and that nothing should spoil it. We are meticulous when it comes to picking and delivering orders for people organising weddings so that nothing is missed and your order is delivered at the time you specified.

Corporate events are a big responsibility for the person organising them. They have the pressure from the management and the expectations of the whole company relying on the organiser to get it right. You can rely on Yahire to make sure nothing goes wrong on our part, we will turn up on time with all of the goods you ordered.

Planning a party is not as straight forward as it seems, you need to take care of the entertainment as well as all of the not so fun things such as furniture and catering equipment hire. With Yahire, that is not so difficult. We have all of the things you need for a party in one place so you can quickly move on to planning the rest of the party.

Outdoor events require more specialist furniture as it needs to be able to withstand the weather conditions this country throws at it. In this section you will find all of the furniture that is suitable for outdoor use.