People hold parties for all sorts of reasons. Some of these parties are spontaneous affairs and will rarely need much organising. However, there are special occasions in people’s lives that need commemorating, and a big party is just the thing to give people a reason to remember the special day. We have put together some popular party furniture items in a couple of scenes below. First of all we have the "ice party". Here we used ice bar stools in combination with glass cocktail tables. We also used corbusier armchairs and LED cubes to create a corner chill out area.


In the set up below we have used the red carpet in combination with the gold rope and post barriers to create a VIP walkway through the venue. Down each side of the walkway we have used the white resin folding chairs which really brighten up the venue. This would work really well for an award ceremony.

Special event - Set up

Get everything you need for a great party

Many people will consider a party an easy thing to organise. Just hire a hall, arrange the music, hire some glasses and that’s it. But there are some who think birthday parties, and other informal parties, should be more than a slapdash affair. These people will seek out the services of companies like us, Yahire, and make sure the celebrations go as smoothly as possible.

Party goers will need to sit down between dancing and visits to the bar, so they will need chairs to sit on, and tables to sit around. Another feature that will add to the enjoyment of the party is lighting, and a professional looking bar will also add to the atmosphere of the celebrations. Yahire are able to supply uplighters, mobile bars, bottle fridges and many more party items, and of course the chairs and tables.

Not all birthday parties are informal. Many people of more mature years may prefer a more sedate and formal party to celebrate their significant birthday. The same can be said for significant wedding anniversaries, especially the more advanced ones such as the silver, gold and ruby ones. These functions are usually attended by members of an extended family consisting of children, grandchildren, old family friends and others. People celebrating birthdays and anniversaries such as these, usually like what is known as “a sit down do”; this will almost be the same as a wedding reception. As these parties are celebrating a very special day for those involved, attention to detail is vital to ensure there are no mishaps along the way to mark the happy day.

Mishaps can occur when you try to organise the party on a shoe string. Trying to save money by cutting corners is not only a huge false economy, but the best way to invite trouble. The list of items needed for a party can be quite long, and it only needs one item to be overlooked or forgotten when ordering the supplies, and the day could be spoiled. By obtaining items from different firms may look like a money saver, but by having several suppliers in the supply chain only increases the chances of something going wrong and can also end up being more expensive by paying multiple delivery and collection charges.

The safest way to make sure there are no mishaps is to hire experts, and Yahire are the experts you need to hire from. Our years of experience hiring function and party furniture, plus the accessories that go with them, make us the number one company to call. By using our expertise and knowledge there will be absolutely no chance of anything happening to spoil the party.