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October 5, 2017yahireFurniture Hire

Yahire are pleased to announce that we now have a registered trade mark, but if you are wondering why we are so excited we’d like to explain what this means in terms of our customers.

What is a registered trademark?

First of all, what is it? A registered trademark is this symbol ®, and it means the word or symbol directly preceding it has been registered with a national trademark office. That word or symbol can only be used by the company who registered it.

Why is it important to have a registered trademark?

So why do companies bother to register a trademark in the first place? Well, when you have spent years building up a good reputation, you have acquired a wide client base and your customers trust you – based on your previous business, your name is your association with all this past experience. You want to protect that and make sure that any future business carries on being associated with all your hard work. By registering a trademark you are making sure that no one else can poach your name and pinch your reputation and your customers.

Why Yahire registered a trademark

We decided to register a trademark because we are proud of our brand and we wanted to protect it and also prevent any other similar business from registering it. We felt that Yahire was now at the stage where we wanted to grow and expand and that it was important for our identity to be safeguarded.

The benefits of registering a trademark

There are other benefits to registering a trademark. It adds value to a company as it not only means security is increased but potential investors are always keener on companies that have registered trademarks to those who have not.

By registering a trademark you are putting your stamp firmly on your brand and making it much more difficult for the competition to copy you. It also protects the services offered and the areas in which these services are delivered.

Trademarks are instantly recognisable and as such make it easier for our customers to find us. Any industry is overcrowded and full of competitors and trademarking our business helps us to stand out from the crowd.

They are also effective ways to communicators as they instantly impart a feeling of trust and security. You can convey a feeling of loyalty, good service, and great products, all in a single word or symbol.

We hope that now you know the benefits of having a registered trademark you are as excited as we are!