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Barrier Hire London

Whether you want to upgrade your event into one of class and sophistication, you want to create a VIP area, you need to keep people safe, or you just need a way to channel your guests into the right areas, we have the perfect barrier for you. All of our barriers are manufactured to the highest standards, using the most robust and durable materials. We currently stock five different types of barrier, so whatever your reason for hiring, we have the exact kind you require.

Chrome Rope & Post
From £5.99
Gold Rope & Post
From £6.29
Crowd Control Barrier
From £5.50
Chapter 8 Barrier
Only £12.49
Floorstanding Sign Holder
Only £6.00
Hand Sanitiser Unit
Only £22.00
Tensa Barrier Black Strap
From £6.25
Tensa Barrier Blue Strap
From £6.75
Tensa Barrier Sign Holder
Only £12.00

Keeping Your Guests Safe Whist Attending Your Event

Barriers are great for keeping people out of dangerous or private areas at your event. Crowd control barriers are generally used at outdoor events or outside the venue to keep people out of the road or to stop them blocking the entire pavement whilst queuing up to get in. The tensa barrier is better for managing the flow of guests once inside the venue and to manage indoor queuing. Rope and post barriers look fantastic outside more upmarket events running either side of one of our red carpets or to create VIP areas inside a venue. We also stock chapter 8 roadside barriers to be used in the road to keep workmen safe and to section of dangerous areas on the road such as roadworks or skips. Metal fence panel barriers are great for securing building sites and larger outdoor events. Whatever you may need a barrier for, you can be sure we have a type that is fit for purpose.

Is There A Minimum Number Of Barriers We Need To Rent?

You can hire as little or as many barriers as your event requires. We hold large amounts of barriers in stock so whatever the size of your event, we should be able to meet your requirements. We also have a quantity discount in place which means the more barriers you order, the cheaper the price per unit will be.

Barrier Hire London

What Barrier Would Be Best For Outdoor Use?

This depends on what you need the barrier for. For cordoning off areas of pavement or roads, the crowd control barriers are best suited. The crowd control barriers can be interlinked for added sturdiness and strength and are usually seen at street parties and other large scale outdoor events. For creating a red carpet walkway, the rope and post barriers are a great choice. We have these available with in both chrome or gold with a choice of red, black or blue ropes. We also supply chapter 8 barriers for roadworks and metal fence panels for building sites and construction work.

Gold Posts

Do You Charge For Delivery Of The Barriers?

We charge a flat rate of £26.99 for delivery to any London postcode providing you can take one of our three economy windows. If you prefer to save money, you can also come and collect the barriers from us yourself, just be sure to have a suitable vehicle.

Corporate Event

How Long Can I Keep The Barriers For?

All of the prices shown for our barriers are for a 3-day hire period. Normally we deliver the day before the event and collect the day after. You can of course increase the length of the rental period if you need them for longer. Get in touch with one of our event advisors to discuss your specific event requirements.

Rope Post

How Can I Order The Barriers?

To order your barriers, just give our team a call on 0207 112 8511 or send us an email stating which barriers you want, the quantity, the dates you require them, and the delivery postcode (if you are not self collecting). One of our event advisors will put a quote together for you and if happy with it, we can get it booked in for you.