Design Matters: Choosing the Perfect Chairs to Complement Your Event Theme

February 28, 2024Taran OFurniture Hire

Event planning might seem easy if you’re looking at it from afar. Still, every experienced planner knows just how tricky and time-consuming it can be to host a perfect gathering where every single detail is coordinated.

In event planning, every detail is important. From the table layout to centerpieces, the organiser has a lot to think about. However, there is one crucial aspect – chairs – that can influence the whole event, both functionally and aesthetically.

This blog aims to dive deep into the intricacies of event planning, with a specific focus on chair selection. Whether you’re about to host a fundraiser or a modest family dinner, we’ll help you find the chairs that will complement the theme of your event.

What to Consider

From budget to space constraints, many things need to be taken into account when selecting the right chairs for your event. Perhaps the first question you should ask yourself is what the theme of your gathering is, as it’s the underlying concept dictating further decisions.

A well-selected theme not only helps enhance the event’s aesthetic appeal but can also leave a long-lasting impression on attendees and evoke specific feelings in them. This is why choosing a theme is the first and most important step in hosting a cohesive, memorable event. 


The appearance of your selected chairs should depend on the event’s theme. The colour, shape, and texture should complement the overall ambience you’re aiming for. For example, if you’re hosting a birthday party, you can opt for a colourful, eclectic design. However, if your gathering is corporate-themed, a sleek, elegant aesthetic is what you should go for. 


Comfort and functionality shouldn’t be compromised for aesthetic’s sake, however. Especially for events where guests would have to sit for a long time, the chairs you choose should be comfortable – pay attention to the lumbar support and soft padding. 

 Make sure that the chairs are of appropriate height if the attendees will be dining. On the other hand, corporate events that require networking should be decorated with seatings that allow moving around and communicating easily.

Space and Quantity

Once you select a venue, you must make a list of all the attendees. This is crucial for selecting the right amount of chairs and laying them out in a way that makes moving around easy and comfortable. 

If you need to fit a large number of guests in a limited space, you should opt for a space-saving design and layout. All in all, your goal should be not to overcrowd the place and ensure all attendees feel comfortable. 

Matching Chairs With Events

Once you make the initial decisions, such as the event’s theme and the venue, the time comes to hire chairs. As we said, selecting the correct seating options is extremely important to host a cohesive, one-of-a-kind gathering. 

There are many different types of events and even more themes you can select for them, so you can certainly imagine the amount of options you have regarding the chair selection. Let’s break down some of the gathering types and what seating would work best for them.


The purpose of any celebratory event is to have fun, and the chair selection should reflect that. A strict minimalist aesthetic probably won’t be what you’ll go for if you have something happy to share with your guests. 


Have you chosen a traditional, old-fashioned indoor wedding? If so, the theme you’re probably going for is elegance and grace. Timeless chiavari chairs adorned with elaborate details are the most popular choice for such matters. On the other hand, upholstered or dining chairs in neutral colours can also work great for a black-tie wedding.

If your theme of choice is a rustic, outdoor wedding, that usually settles for casual and a bit rough design, wooden farmhouse or cross-back chairs would be the best option. Mismatched chairs can also be a great look if you’re looking for a more whimsical, fun design for a casual wedding. 

Birthday Parties

What age group will you be inviting to a birthday celebration you’re planning? If there will primarily be kids attending, you might think about going for chairs made out of sturdier, easier-to-clean materials, as there will probably be a mess to take care of afterwards. However, birthday parties with adult attendees call for comfortable chairs where guests can sit back and relax.

Weather-resistant materials are a must if you’re hosting an outdoor event, whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding. The theme of the celebration must also be considered – for example, if you’re hosting a princess-themed party for a child, throne-like chairs will perfectly complement the rest of the event.

Corporate Events

Work-related gatherings must be much more formal, and this professional atmosphere should translate to every single detail, including the chairs. Ergonomic task chairs are great for conferences where guests must sit for an extended period. In general, you should avoid overly decorative or casual chairs for such events.

If the requirements change over the duration of the event, you should select seating that can easily be moved around the room. For example, if you want to follow the conference up with a networking event, you must be able to quickly remove the chairs from the space – hence, you should settle for the most lightweight but still comfortable chairs.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the chair selection part of the event planning process is just as important as the venue and the guest list. There are so many things to consider, such as the gathering’s theme, the number of attendees, the chairs’ aesthetics, and how they fit into the event’s whole ambiance.

As long as you select the seating arrangement that perfectly suits the venue’s size, layout, guests’ number, and requirements, you can surely host an event that the attendees will remember for years to come.