5 Signs You Were Born To Be An Event Manager

These Five Signs Show that You Were Born To Work In Events

June 15, 2017yahireFurniture Hire

To be a successful event manager you need a special set of skills. You have to be able to multi-task, be a great organiser, have lots of energy, be flexible to last minute changes and have good communication skills. Whilst some people can learn these skills, others were born with them and are natural event managers.

These are the ones that have the perfect mix of abilities, and run events with effortless charm, who are calm under pressure and have an innate sense of what makes a successful event.

These people were able, from an early age, to:

  1. Multi-task – If you were one of those people than managed to juggle many balls at the same time whilst remaining calm then event management is probably in your blood. By being able to do different tasks at the same time and not get bogged down with pressure or unnecessary details allows you to organise on a higher level than most.
  2. Have an eye for detail – By having a good eye for detail means that nothing gets past you. The smallest little thing could blow up and become a major problem, but because you already notice these sort of things it will not get past you. Having a keen sense of observation allows you to see the bigger picture and the smaller details that go into making up the whole. It is working out what is important and meaningful in the smallest details that makes you a great event manager.
  3. Be a people person – You were probably the person from a young age that always wanted to meet new people, and were not shy when it came to communicating with someone you had not met before. For you it is perfectly natural to want to know about another person and you have a desire to make connections with people around you. It is also natural for you to network other people which is a great quality in an event manager.
  4. Be creative and flexible РA good event manager is someone who is creative, who is able to think up new ideas and does not follow the mainstream. If you have always thought outside the realm of normal thinking, and enjoy coming up with innovative and exciting premises, chances are you are already working in event management. Another quality is flexibility. Someone who is stuck in their own way of thinking will not be able to incorporate other people’s ideas. You have to be open-minded and flexible to get the most out of your event.
  5. Have boundless energy – With all the demands of event planning and management, you have to have loads of energy. If you were the sort of person who could keep up with the Duracell bunny then event management would be an ideal job for you. You have to keep going when your team are feeling tired and un-inspired. You have to be the one that motivates them with your energy which is infectious.

To conclude

Some event managers learn how to put together a great event, but others were born to be great event managers. If you had any of the above traits when you were growing up, and you are not currently in event management, you might consider a career change.