Hiring the right chairs for your budget

Hiring the perfect chairs for your event budget

November 13, 2017yahireFurniture Hire

Hiring chairs to suit your event budget can be pretty tricky. There are so many different styles of chairs for you to choose from and prices vary between
chair hire companies . We have put together a quick guide to choosing the right chair for your budget. We are going to use the same scenario for each budget; you need to seat 85 people at a corporate event where there will be a speaker.

For those on a tight budget

Folding Chairs For Hire

When the budget is tight, you can save a lot of money by choosing furniture with a lower unit price which can make a big difference. So for our example of seating 85 people we have a few options. Our cheapest chairs that we offer are the folding chair hire . These can be hired for just £1.20 each at this quantity. Like many hire companies, we offer discounts at certain quantities of chairs ordered. If you were to order 100 of these chairs from us you could get them at just £0.99 per unit at a total cost of £99.00 where as you would have paid £102 total for 85 of these chairs. By ordering at the slightly higher quantity, you could save some money and have extra chairs in case you had more attendees than you thought.

On a medium budget

When you want your event attendees to be sat in comfort but the costs need to be controlled, we have a few seating options for you. Our banquet chairs and conference chairs would probably be a good option for event planners with this type of budget. The banquet chairs are a comfortable option with soft padding on the seat and backrest. These chairs are available in three different colours to suit your venue and are available to hire at £2.39 each at this quantity (£203.15 total). You could again save money by hiring 100 which would bring the unit price down to £1.99 at a total cost of £199.00. Another option for those with a medium budget would be the conference chairs. These are available in either black or wood and can be hired for £2.75 per unit at this quantity which would cost £233.75 total to seat 85 people.

Where money is no object

High Budget Seating Hire Options

For the event planners who are working for clients where money is no object (aren’t you lucky!), we have some great looking options. Our most visually impressive chairs are the Tolix chairs and the Eames chairs. The Eames chairs are originally designed in the 50’s but even over 50 years on they still look ultra chic and modern. These chairs are available for £9.99 each at this quantity so the total would be £849.15 for 85 units. You could also go with the chair of the moment in the hire industry which is the Tolix chair. These all metal chairs have an industrial feel to them which looks fantastic in the right style of venue. These are available for £6.25 each at this quantity so would cost a total of £531.25 to seat 85 people.