Tips on how to get your event clients to think bigger and better

November 2, 2017yahireFurniture Hire

Event managers typically have great ideas and want to produce the greatest event ever seen. However, it is the client that holds the purse strings and this can sometimes thwart even the most enthusiastic of managers.

So how do you persuade your event clients to think bigger and therefore better?

Concentrate your efforts at the top

It’s no use spending valuable time and money talking to people who have absolutely no say in what happens in the company. Make sure you are talking to the top person in the firm if you want to get real results. Once you have convinced the top dog, their opinions will then filter down to others in the company.

Motivate them with great ideas

Once you are talking to the right person, remember that you’ll never convince a client to spend more if you do not produce a great idea. If they can share your vision they are more likely to part with the petty cash and let you get on with producing the event.

Do market research and show your client

Many clients think that their attendees will be happy with a few balloons and sausage rolls, it is important for them to realise how much the event industry has moved on. You can either chat to previous attendees or show your client how technology is vamping up your attendees experiences. But however you do it, make sure your client can see what the best events look like nowadays.

Help them expand their own creativity

Sometimes clients want their event managers to come up with all the ideas, but if you get them involved themselves they are more likely to go onto producing that idea and turning it into a great event. Sure, you can point them in certain directions but let them be creative in order for them to think bigger.

Show them what their competitors are doing

It is easy for a company to live in their own little bubble and not worry about the competition, especially when it comes to hosting events. But it is crucial for clients to completely understand what their competitors are up to, so show them. This should inspire them to be better.

Don’t rain on their ideas

The art of getting your client to think bigger and better is to encourage them whether their ideas are good or not. You just want to get their minds working and whatever they come up with should not be rubbished. Instead, point out the pros and cons with what they have suggested and let them make the decision. Their efforts should be applauded and not criticised. What is most important is that they are now thinking for themselves and not frightened of coming up with original and workable ideas.

To conclude

Remember, fear of the unknown is usually what stops creativity so give your clients the confidence to think for themselves and boost their self-esteem by positive encouragement.