Thumbs up for Pop-Ups

October 28, 2015LeilaEvent Guides

The latest thing in quirky events, the pop-up is the trendiest way to showcase your brand/product and have a damn good party whilst doing so – no wonder they’re suddenly ‘popping up’ everywhere (pardon the pun). So let’s thumbs up for pop-ups!

Ranging from the small to the large, the cheap and cheerful to the extortionate, the sublime to the ridiculous, these here-today-gone-tomorrow projects are pulling in punters with a vengeance. And the reason for their widespread appeal is plain to see; with our generation’s throwaway culture, tenacious desire for excitement and rejection of anything ‘uniform’ or ‘drab’, they are the ultimate in up-to-the-minute ‘things to do’.

You know that restaurant you said you’d definitely visit soon? Bet you’re yet to step foot inside. But with pop-ups time is of the essence as they won’t be around forever – hence people feel a sense of urgency to go right now. And that’s the real key to their success.

Pop-ups can take place anywhere; from street-stalls, to restaurants, to underground warehouses and even helicopters – the sky literally is the limit. They can last anything from an hour to a week, with some becoming so successful they become permanent fixtures.


Record spinning men at a 1970s Disco Music Party


And the best part? They’re so simple enough to run that anybody with an idea can effectively set one up! So follow our pop-up organisation check-list and have yourself an event to remember:


  1. Venue – find somewhere you love and be sure to check with the local council that you have all the required legal documents!
  2. Furniture – Beautiful furniture will ensure your pop up really looks the part (you can’t generally go wrong with cocktails either). Yahire has a whole host of stylish, contemporary furniture available for hire; they can provide anything from ice-party themed accessories to red carpets, giant party games and more!
  3. Ensure your event is unique! People won’t turn up if it’s been done before…
  4. Location Location Location – check out your target market’s hangout hot-spots
  5. Remind yourself of guests needs e.g. toilet, refreshments, parking
  6. Advertise – have you put your event on social media and in the local paper? Facebook events are a great way to spread the word.
  7. Find a website that will help you sell tickets – this is guaranteed to bring in the crowds and will give you an idea of how busy you’re going to be!



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