Rain Shelter

What to do if it rains on your outdoor party?

Even the best laid plans can be put to the test if the event you have organised is outdoors. The weather has shown that it is not our friend and can change from one minute to the next. And you can’t even trust the weather forecasters these days, remember the fiasco surrounding that hurricane?

So what do you do if you really want to enjoy natures outside space but are worried that the weather might not hold up on the day?

Having a Plan B will always save the day, and even make it more exciting.

Here’s how we cope with the UK’s fickle weather:

The Food


If you are planning a barbeque and think that there’s a chance of showers later on, make sure the food you are serving can be grilled, fried or popped into the oven at the last minute.

Sausages and burgers can easily be transferred from a barbeque to the frying pan, chicken drumsticks and thighs work just as well in the oven, and chops and steaks are perfect under the grill.

Use your oven hob for your added extras, such as hot, salad potatoes and the oven for garlic bread. Salads can stay in the fridge until necessary and when the time is right, use a dining room table to serve the food buffet style.

The Shelter


There’s something romantic about standing under a gazebo in the pouring rain, don’t you think? If there’s any suggestion that there could be rain coming when your special event is on, rent a few gazebos and group them together around the garden for maximum effect.

Remember, they can be used to cover the food, the bar, seating areas and even dancing spaces. And popping several up means that your guests can stay the night outside, partying whatever the weather throws at them.

Staying warm


It’s not just about keeping dry during a downpour, your guests will also want to be warm and cosy. Staging a few patio heaters around in the corners of the garden will ensure your guests stay for the duration.

If the weather really looks like it’s going to be miserable but you have to hold it outdoors, rummage around in your drawers upstairs and find some cosy jumpers or coats for your guests to wrap up in. Scarves and woolly hats also work well and on a cold night would certainly be appreciated. If your guests have to sit down for long periods, think about offering them blankets and hot water bottles.

Where to go instead?


If the weather is really bad and you have to head indoors, think about the best place to regroup in and hold the party. Thinking of unusual places makes the party a little more exciting, so what about taking the party to the garage? Having some revolving lights hanging up that just need to be plugged in and a portable music centre banging out some tunes and you have your very own garage disco!

Having thought ahead makes it easier to transfer all your guests inside, especially if you have given each of the party organisers a role. So each one will spring into action once the weather turns, for instance, someone will organise the food, others will herd the guests, some will sort out the furniture, perhaps one person can get a fire going etc.

We hope the weather doesn’t spoil your outside event, but if there is anything you need to keep the party going, give us a call!


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