Yahire have put together a wedding theme that is very popular this year, the cool ice look. This look uses the napoleon ice chairs in combination with deep blue seat pads and white table linen complimented by ivory napkins. This works very well in venues with lots of light as the ice chairs really shine when the light hits them. All of the products in this look can be found below.


Another highly popular theme for weddings at the moment is the gold look. This theme uses gold chiavari chairs with the ivory seatpad in combination with round tables covered in black linen with contrasting white napkins. This works well in many different styles of venue both modern and classic. Use eclectic centerpieces and uplighters to really make this look come alive.

Planning a Successful Wedding

A wedding is an event that occurs at least once in the life cycle of most families and the organising of the important event usually falls to the ladies involved.

Months of organising and planning, stress filled sleepless nights, and often lots of tears.

Every wedding is to those involved, a completely unique event and must be approached in such a way.

Of course every person who has taken on the task of being in charge of the wedding has their own individual ideas of how the great day should be planned.

The lucky ones amongst us who have larger budgets are able to hand over all the wedding preparations to their preferred event planners and catering companies who will organise the whole day once a plan has been agreed with their client.

However, there are a number of people who believe they have the organising and management skills to bring the whole day together with very few problems along the way.

There are some wedding organisers who spend much of their energy making sure the brides dress, the wedding cake and the top table all look perfect. The thinking behind this is that all eyes will be on those specific features and indeed many of them will.

However, some people’s eyes will be on some of the more minor details of the wedding reception.

By lavishing most of their attention and efforts on the brides dress, cake etc., they often take their eye off the ball when it come to the smaller but equally important items.

Many of them will attend wedding fairs and in an effort to save money will order items such as napkin and chair covers form different suppliers.

By lavishing most of their attention and efforts on the brides dress, cake etc., they often take their eye off the ball when it come to the smaller but no less important items.

Ordering items of wedding furniture from different suppliers can often throw up some serious problems. It only takes one of the suppliers to slip up and suddenly all your wedding day plans are put in danger.

That is why experienced wedding planners often rely on Yahire. We offer a one stop, complete solution package where you can hire everything you need in one place, thereby eliminating all the problems associated with using more than one supplier.

Yahire can supply you with all the products you need to make your wedding the most perfect day you could ever wish for.

The small items such as table number harps and napkin holders up to eight feet trestle tables and marquees. Table linen and table ware, chairs and chair covers, catering equipment, red carpet for your entrance and our dance floor hire for your first dance! Alongside many other items that help to create the perfect wedding day.

If you choose Yahire for your wedding event you are assured of the highest quality products and even more importantly a company that has many years of experience in the wedding hire business and makes sure that everything goes to plan.

This means the person who is responsible for organising the big day can sleep easy.

They are in safe hands.